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A synergistic result between layer surface area configurations and K ions of potassium vanadate nanowires for Increased Power storage overall performance

Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy analysis having a symmetric cell for LiCoO2 cathode degradation correlated with Co dissolution

Modeling and simulation study of the steel free natural–inorganic aqueous flow battery with stream through electrode

Youtube is indexing your video’s transcriptions and employs it to rank your video for several of the keywords while in the transcription.

Synthesis and elucidation of electrochemical characteristics of nanorods, microsized and nanosized CuO as cathode supplies for Zn/CuO alkaline battery

This leverages your channel’s authority (which we talked about previously) and also your specific video’s authority.

A chemistry and substance standpoint on lithium redox flow online marketing facts batteries towards high-density electrical Power storage

That’s an excellent insight! This is a massive HEF aspect for Youtube videos. I generally go through the description before I click on-by means of. We greater start putting the best, most concise descriptions from now on.

Nitrogen-doped porous carbon derived from residuary shaddock peel: a promising and sustainable anode for high Electrical power density asymmetric supercapacitors

Surface-modified porous membranes with electrospun Nafion/PVA fibres for non-aqueous redox move battery

“Drinking water-in-Salt” electrolytes empower environmentally friendly and safe Li-ion batteries for large scale electric Vitality storage apps

Highly branched sulfonated poly(fluorenyl ether ketone sulfone)s membrane for Electricity efficient vanadium redox movement battery

Important takeaway: Put your keywords in the title tag. Be sure it’s applicable and it’s what best describes the video.

Polyaniline nano-wrinkles array on 3-dimensional graphene film for high functionality supercapacitors

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