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Just after much more than 50 many years of human spaceflight, NASA is an authority in what transpires on the human physique when it's in zero gravity.

(= stay) → Aufenthalt m; (= break) → Pause f; (Aviat, for refuelling and so forth) → Zwischenlandung file; to possess a stop for coffee → eine Kaffeepause machen; to have a stop → haltmachen; we had or designed 3 stops → wir haben dreimal haltgemacht; to operate for eight several hours with no stop → acht Stunden ohne Unterbrechung arbeiten

Hair reviewer’s effects and encounters only. Grow New Hair effects might change based upon personal consumer. There is no guarantee of distinct effects and effects will vary.

begin, start - get likely or set in movement; "We merely couldn't start off the engine"; "initiate the pc"

discontinue - come to or be at an stop; "the aid from our sponsoring agency will discontinue following March 31"

Just before Billy Howard had concluded the intro to his Image book of HIV/AIDS portraits, 15 from the folks from the reserve had died.

→ können Sie ihn nicht davon abhalten?; there’s no stopping him (inf) → er ist nicht zu bremsen (inf); there’s absolutely nothing stopping you or to stop you → es hindert Sie nichts, es hält Sie nichts zurück

vapor lock, vapour lock - a stoppage in a pipeline brought on by gas Click This Link bubbles (Specifically a stoppage that develops in sizzling climate within an interior-combustion motor when gasoline during the fuel line boils and types bubbles that block the circulation of gasoline on the carburetor)


The herbal extracts and vitamin loaded plant Necessities contained in our hair care products are notably helpful.

Previous thirty day period's Process Machinery column (Rubber Earth, November 2005) explained dust stop structure, the lubrication method and difficulties of dust stops, and analyzed basic special info principle methods inside the annular hole of dust stop seals.

bog down, lavatory - get caught while executing anything; "She slowed down over and over published here whilst she wrote her dissertation"

Do you realize that wanting in the toilet bowl is like searching right into a crystal ball on your overall health? The color of the pee can modify according to how hydrated you are, what foods you've been having, and even to be a Odd facet influence to specified medicines. Here's what your urine coloration suggests regarding your health and fitness — and when it could sign a significant issue.

obstruct, block - shut out from see or get in just how so as to conceal from sight; "The thick curtain blocked the motion on the stage"; "The trees obstruct my check out of your mountains"

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